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Diep.io is the new best game for online gaming.Diep.io updates have new exciting feature which will allow you to play this game with your friends and teams.

Playing diep.io with teams is very easy

Play Diep.io With Friends and Team Deathmatch Mod

Steps to play diep.io with teams

  1. Just press [TAB] button on your keyboard to enter the team mode
  2. There will be two tanks Red diep.io tanks Vs Blue diep.io tanks ,you can be any of these colours tanks to start your game in team mode.
  3. your aim is to kill players in or teams in other colour.
  4. Do not try to kill your own colour tanks as they are your friends 😀
  5. Enjoy playing diepio with friends

On the score board you will see which color teams players are at top.



Diep.io Necromancer Tank Classes overload tank Tricks cheats

Diep.io has recently released an update with a new Necromancer tank class.you can get this class tank at level 45

Necromancer Tank Class uses

While at first the class seems to do nothing uncommon – it doesn’t shoot (by any stretch of the imagination) or move rapidly – however in the event that you smash into an arrangement of shapes you’d regularly be shooting at, that is the point at which the enchantment happens. Those shapes all of a sudden get to be you cronies, traveling in whatever course you send them with your mouse. As the collide with different squares, triangles or pentagons, they turn into a considerably bigger piece of your crowd, making an amazing shield or utilizing sizable harm in the event that they head towards other players.

Diep.io Necromancer Tank Class

Diep.io Necromancer Tank Class

How to get Necromancer Tank Class

  • You need 45 Level
  • Hard to die with blocking
  • You can control yellow squares
  • You can see far
  • It look like overlord but i think it is better
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Upgrades are the best features of Diep.io game Diep.io offers eight types of upgrades for you to apply to your tanks. While leveling up tank, at left a menu emerges to apply upgrades. Deliberately utilize classes and redesigns of Diep.io tanks as per your target while battling against enemy players. To take a superior position among different players, you have to apply some extraordinary technique and assault on your adversaries.

Here is the list of upgrades and their uses and meaning.

Diep.io Upgrades Diepio tanks – List of upgrades

Below is List Diep.io Upgrades

  1. Health Regen – Boosts the life revival speed.Increases the amount of health you regenerate. You only regenerate health after haven’t gotten hit for some time.
  2. Max Health – Increases the maximum life.Increases your maximum health so you can take more hits.
  3. Body Damage – Recovers the injure that occur for crash with rivals or obstacles or Increases the damage dealt when you ram into an enemy or obstacle with your body.
  4. Bullet Speed – Increases the speed at which your bullets fly.
  5. Bullet Penetration – Projectiles run through barriers and rival players
  6. Bullet Damage – Increases the amount of damage each bullet does
  7. Reload – Increases your firing speed.
  8. Movement Speed – Increases movement speed of your tank

If you have any question comments below 😀


How to Play Diep.io or Deipio game online?

How  to Play Diep.io or Deipio game online?

Diep.io is the new game available for playing.this game is just like agar.io but with tanks where you kill other players and upgrade your tanks.In diepio game You start of weak, but each time you destroy something in Diep.io you earn XP and thes extra points can be use to upgrades your tanks and buy items.

How  to Play Diep.io or Deipio game online?

Playing Diep.io game is very easy just visit its official website and start playing.Diep.io Game Massive multiplayer online game. Control your Tank and shoot down other players! Play with millions of players around the world

Click below for diep.io official website


you control a tank in Diep.io. You can shoot with the left mouse button, which you should do often — you have to shoot square, triangle, and pentagonal obstacles to farm up EXP to level up.

This game deip.io is very fun to play just go and play 😀

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